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About BetaPresentations

Enabling best practice in diabetes management through design and delivery of high quality educational packages. was established in 2006 by Paul Dromgoole. Paul is widely known in the United Kingdom as an expert in the field of diabetes and offers an enthusiastic, effective, insightful and practical approach to improving diabetes care. 

Paul has over 18 years’ experience in diabetes clinical management and education, in a variety of settings. He works part time as a Clinical Nurse Specialist which ensures he is up to date in current issues in clinical practice, which gives relevance and validity to his role as a Clinical Lecturer in Diabetes.

He has previously worked as a Lecturer Practitioner in Diabetes at the University of York and as an External Examiner for the University of Ulster and has gained a Master of Science Degree in Diabetes and Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice.

BetaPresentations offers 3 key components to those desiring to enhance knowledge, skills and confidence in diabetes management: 

  • Education which has a clear practical application and is based on up-to-date, evidence-based principles. 
  • Communication of key messages which enhances health professional understanding, clinical practice and patient care. 
  • Training packages that can be tailored to the needs of the learner, subject and time-frame. 

Educational Events

Paul seeks to enhance the knowledge and skills of health care professionals and people with diabetes in order to improve understanding and clinical and quality of life outcomes.

BetaPresentations provides an informative and ethical solution to challenges in diabetes management. Contact us (click here) to discuss inputting to your event, organising a study day, workshop or conference, or to discuss taking forward a diabetes related project.

BETAPRESENTATIONS Availability Calendar

Many thanks for considering BetaPresentations. Please refer to calendar below for availability. Click on Dates for specific times.

BETAPRESENTATIONS Availability Calendar

Many thanks for considering BetaPresentations. Please refer to calendar below for availability. Click on Dates for specific times.


Educational Events


Paul Dromgoole has run educational sessions in Diabetes and Behavioural Change for many years. His sessions are consistently highly evaluated for content, evidence basis, practicality and relevance to day-to-day diabetes patient interactions. He works hard at meeting the needs of the delegates / customers assisted by good briefs from the sponsoring company. He firmly believes the main objective should be that delegates go away with key messages and strategies that can be employed in their own clinical practice.

His educational events and activities include the following:

  • GP / PN Promotional and Educational Meetings
  • Regional and National Diabetes Conferences and Promotional / Educational Events
  • In-surgery Diabetes Updates (with the surgeries own clinical challenges and cases if required)
  • Representative Training (ITC and ongoing training requirements)
  • Advisory Boards (Regional and National)


Examples of Events

Note: The following Programmes are examples of some commonly requested themes, however most of my work is bespoke and programmes put together to meet the needs of GP training organisations or Pharma companies and their customers.


Oral Glucose Lowering Therapies

  • Making Sense of NICE / SIGN Guidelines
  • Glucose Lowering Therapies: A Logical Approach to Positioning
  • What Combinations of Diabetes Medications May Help? A Practical, Evidenced-Based Guide
  • Therapies and Cases: A Comprehensive, Clinically Appropriate and Practical Look at Clinical Decision Making in Diabetes


Injectable Therapy

  • Overcoming Barriers to Injectable Therapy: A Motivational Questioning Approach
  • Update on GLP1 Therapy
  • Injectable Therapy Demystified
  • Principles of Insulin Adjustment and Patient Empowerment Strategies
  • Hypoglycaemia Insights: Identification, Risks, Management and Prevention


Cardiovascular Risk and Risk Reduction

  • Understanding Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes and Interventions that may Help
  • The ‘Legacy Effect’: The Powerful Messages of Steno and other Studies and Messages for our Patients
  • Cardiovascular Risk Reduction from Recent Clinical Trials: Should this change prescribing practice?


Behaviour Change

  • Helping Patients Engage in Helpful Health Behaviours
  • Developing ‘Resonant’ Messages of Risk and Benefit for those with Type 2 Diabetes
  • Helping Diabetes Patients come ‘on-board’: Some Strategies that WILL Help


Other Topics

  • Diabetes in Ramadan: Risk Identification with Fasting and Guidance to Keep Patients Safe.
  • Dietary Messages in Diabetes – A Practical, Person Centred Approach (with Diabetes Specialist Dietitian) 
  • Strategies for Diagnosing and Managing Painful Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Diabetic Retinopathy: Understanding Classification and Risk Management


Some examples! If you want something ‘different’ or ‘similar’ – please contact!


Paul’s CV

Pauls CV as a PDF file

The Steno Diabetes Study

The Steno Diabetes Study - powerpoint file.

Planning pregnancy

Planning pregnancy with Diabetes

Hypoglycaemia & Driving

Patient Information & Agreement Leaflet. Suggest yearly distribution to patients, date and signature to state document is read and understood. Needs local 'owner' and review date.

HbA1c % mmol/mol Serum Fructosamine

HbA1c as % & mmol/mol. Also relationship to mean glucose and Serum Fructosamine

UK Diabetes Courses

Diabetes course currently (2019) available in UK with hyper-links to site. Other courses may be available

T2DM Risks, Benefits & Targets

A patient information (one side) sheet, explaining how evidence suggests multi-risk factor interventions work and targets they should be working towards.

ADA EASD Consensus Statement 2019

Updated version with stronger positioning of SGLT2i and GLP1 RA

Consultation Scribble Sheet

Data collection and action planning sheet, for use in F2F or remote consultations

Remote Consultation: Type, Priority and Format

An attempt to illustrate how secondary care services may prioritise patients by priority and appropriateness of format of follow up intervention.

eGFR cut-off's for diabetes meds 16 03 2021

Please note: This is a guide only and may be out of date. Before prescribing, please consult the relevant drug SmPC.


Paul Dromgoole - Curriculum Vitae - January 2018

Paul Dromgoole RGN, RNMH, MSc Diabetes, PGCE
Clinical Lecturer in Diabetes & Diabetes Specialist Nurse (PT) 

Click here to download this CV as a pdf file

Career Map

1981 - Qualified as Registered Nurse for the Mentally Handicapped (RNMH)

1985 - Qualified as Registered General Nurse (RGN)

1985 - 1996 - Staff Nurse / Charge Nurse Posts in General Nursing

1996 - 1998 - Developmental Diabetes Specialist Nurse (DSN) Post (fixed term contract) Brighton.

1998 - 1999 - Diabetes Specialist Nurse (DSN) then DSN Team Leader. Leicester.

1999 - 2003 - Senior Diabetes Specialist Nurse (DSN). York

2003 - 2006 - Lecturer Practitioner Diabetes. (50:50 split) York Hospital & University of York

2007 - Present* - Freelance Clinical Lecturer in Diabetes. Part-time Diabetes Specialist Nurse - NLAG NHS Trust

External Examiner (PT) for University of Ulster (from Sep 2008 - 2012)

* With 4 month Diabetes Nurse Advisor post with NSHI April to July 2008


Present job roles


  • Part time (2 days a week) as a secondary care base Diabetes Specialist Nurse, involved, in clinical and research activities.
  • Running own diabetes clinics for those with complex insulin regimens or significant coping and engagement issues..
  • Developing a ‘new’ Diabetes Specialist Nurse team and Inpatient Specialist Nurse new to post Jan 2018
  • Driving a Primary / Secondary Care interfaced, integrated care service
  • Use of wide range of glucose lowering therapies, including insulin pump therapy.
  • Training NHS staff and providing insight into current diabetes management principles to medical students. 


  • Works Nationally as a Clinical Lecturer in Diabetes and Health Behaviour Change. 
  • Undertakes clinical audit work, making treatment recommendations in general practice with a view to achievement of diabetes QoF targets and best management of the person with diabetes. 
  • Advises GP practices in an unbiased and evidenced based manner of appropriate clinical interventions for people with diabetes
  • Provides non-promotional consultancy work for the pharmaceutical industry in terms of clinical update, gaining confidence in discussing broader diabetes issues with GP’s, Practice Nurses and Secondary Care teams and communicating key clinical messages. 
  • Provides workshops / study events for the GP training organisations: GP Forum (now finished) and MediConf throughout the UK.


Key strengths

  • Advanced, up to date, evidence-based clinical diabetes management skills in a primary and secondary care setting.
  • Effective interpersonal skills that allow development and facilitation of change.

  • Consistently highly evaluated teaching / presentation / facilitation skills.

  • Significant experience in ‘off the shelf’ and ‘bespoke’ study day / event planning and evaluation to address health professional clinical management needs. 

  • Project work in a wide range of areas (described below)

  • An infective enthusiasm and commitment that strategies can be employed that improve standards of education, training and clinical practice that improve clinical and quality of life outcome for people with diabetes and make for more effective diabetes management.


Project work history

Enhanced to diabetes portfolio of the University of York by undertaking of training need analysis and development of a comprehensive and consistently highly evaluated Diabetes Study Day programme. 

Developed a range of educational strategies for patients, which has included the development of a randomised control trial in type 1 diabetes education – one of only a half dozen world-wide. 

In conjunction with a Diabetes Dietitian and in collaboration with a larger team, revitalised our ‘New to Type 2’Education sessions.

Developed, evaluated an Insulin Skills workshop for patients basal and biphasic insulin regimes run at York and Scunthorpe. Presented at the national Diabetes UK Annual Professional Conference 

Developed the York ‘Insulin in Practice’ programme that skills up GP’s and Practice Nurses interested in commencement of insulin in their type 2 diabetes population in general practice. This scheme has enabled local initiation of insulin within GP surgeries hence more timely initiation of insulin by a known health professional and negating the need for a secondary care referral. This audited and presented nationally (Diabetes UK Annual Professional Conference 2004)

Initiated alongside our Specialist Diabetes Dietitian a successful insulin pump starter course. (Results presented at Diabetes UK National Profession Conference 2005) 

Developed a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) ‘Blackboard’ providing E-learning support to students to augment a taught Diabetes Module at the University of York. This has provided me with the skills to set up and run distance or blended learning courses and was highly valued by the students in a formal Exit Survey.



Main Qualifications  

2007    PGCert Ed  (Post Graduate Certificate in Education- 60 credits at Masters Level) University of York

2004    MSc Diabetes (Roehampton, Surrey)

1997    ENB A05 - Diploma Level Course in Diabetes Care, for Diabetes Specialist Nurses

1995    ENB928 – Diabetes Care

1995    The Application of Research to Practice

1994    The Pastoral Response to Care of the Dying

1992    Certificate in Health Service Management (OU / Institute Health Service Management)

1985   Registered General Nurse (RGN)

1981    Registered Nurse Mental Handicap (RNMH)


Membership of Professional Organisations:

Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)

Diabetes UK

Primary Care Diabetes Society

Royal College of Nursing


Committee Work  (Previous)

Diabetes UK Professional Section

United Kingdom Insulin Initiation Study Group (UKIIS)

External Examiner for the University Of Ulster

Primary Care Diabetes UK (PCDUK) Regional Conference Planning Committee (until 2006)

Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Accreditation Committee Expert


Publications and papers in Press

Coates, V., Dromgoole, P., Turner, E., Brown, F., Davis, R., Lowes, L., McDowell, M. and Thompson, K. (2009) Insulin Initiation in adults: evidence based or context driven? Journal of Nursing and Healthcare of Chronic Illness1 (1) 105-112.

J. T. George, A. P. Valdovinos, I. Russell, P. Dromgoole, S. Lomax, D. J. Torgerson, T. Wells and J. C. Thow (2008) Clinical effectiveness of a brief educational intervention in Type 1 diabetes: results from the BITES (Brief Intervention in Type 1 diabetes, Education for Self-efficacy) trial. Diabetic Medicine 25, 1447–1453

Thow JC, Pena A, Wells T, Dromgoole P, Lomax S (2007) Brief Intervention in Type 1 Diabetes: Education for Self-Efficacy - Protocol for a randomised control trial to assess biophysical and psychological effectiveness.

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Editor of RCN journal Résumé 2003 - 2004